Is The African Continent Breaking Apart?

Is the African Continent Breaking Apart?

In today’s post, we will talk about a recent incident. Have you seen any continent break up and break apart? And can it really happen? So the answer is yes. Because recently it has happened in Africa that the continent was broken up and separated into two parts.

Scientists believe that such changes happen on the earth. And there have been many such changes, which we did not see. This includes the incident of the continent of Africa. In 2005, a crack in this C continent of Africa spread over 60 kilometers in 10 days. This crack continued to spread even further. From this it was estimated that the land would become two pieces of land and a new sea would be formed in between them.

What can happen if the continent of Africa is broken in two?

Many changes are constantly happening on top of our earth. That is why there are constant changes in the appearance of our planet. If seen, after 2005, land cracks became common in many countries of the continent of Africa. There was fear among the people living there. The cracks that come here are however scary but we will try to show how the world was made.

Rift which is part of East Africa!

The raft is part of the eastern part of Africa. Which you may not have heard of. Because like you, people of Ethiopia had never heard of it before. Until his feet suddenly began to crack in the ground. Scientists believe the East Africa raft is an active John for the slightest present in East Africa. Where the hard layer outside the earth is called lithosphere. And it is made up of many tectonic plates. After this, we should understand this well before knowing more. So that we don’t have any further trouble.

Know what is lithosphere and what are its actions?

We talk about lithosphere which has different effects due to some different antics. Like everyone lives on the earth and there are mountains in many places. And there are many areas to put in place. Which is like many layers of our body. One of them is the lithosphere which is quite rigid. The way the Earth’s surface hardens, so does the lithosphere. Many of these plates consist of tectonic plates. Earth’s lithosphere is divided into many tectonic plates. These plates keep moving at different speeds in different places. The location below the lithosphere is the asthenosphere. Which keeps moving over the plates asthenosphere. It is believed that many forces work in the sense of asthenosphere and in the boundary of Plato. Technical plates are sometimes broken on those to make them dynamic. Which causes cracks in the earth.

Is the African Continent Breaking Apart?

Tectonic plates pass through each other at different speeds. And while moving from one place to another, it easily stays in its direction and its strength. The ground between these plates starts to shrink. Which creates a valley there. And in this way a boundary is also formed between the two plates. In the case of East Africa Blank, the Africa tectonic plate was broken and divided into two smaller plates. The Somali and Nubian plate separated from each other. Know what will happen if both these plates are separated from each other?

Will the separation of the Somali and Nubian plate end all?

In fact, the separation of these plates has been going on for a long time. Which happens very slowly. By the time it is done, the cracks slowly start coming to the surface. Due to this, geologists believe that even in this continent for one crore years, this plate will not be completely broken and separated. It is a common practice for Plato to move here and there on our earth. Because all this goes on. It is a different matter that we do not know about all these. Only when a big incident happens, we get to know about them.

Can the continent of Africa be smaller?

We know that if this incident happened in Africa. So Africa will be smaller by dividing the continent into two parts. So let us tell you that this crack was spreading at the rate of 6 to 7 kilometers in a year. This rift valley was sinking deeper as this plate went near each other. Apart from this, they start to build a new sea in the water itself, flowing from the red sea. After all this, parts of southern Ethiopia and Somalia also began to separate. From which another lamp was built there. Due to which the continent of Africa will become very small. This is the main reason for the continent of Africa being small. That Plato would be formed around it. Due to which the terrestrial area there will not be wanted and there will be possibility of getting lost in the water. Due to which there is a lot of chance of the area of the continent of Africa being reduced.

A question arises for us that if the continent of Africa is small, what will it mean?

If this happens, people living there may have caused upheavals around the lift. As the roads will start to get a little bit. Cracks will start coming in the buildings of some cities. There will start to be cracks. In places where there is nothing, there is a chance of becoming a mountain or a deep ravine. All of them will be bad, it is not necessary. Mostly the same scientists say that we are very keen on this process happening. And they also believe that such a process will happen. So this will be very interesting information for us. Which will enable us to know what is the shape of our Earth’s surface? And apart from all this, we will also get information that what is the reason for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on our earth? One day our entire earth will start looking like a continent. But to stay connected with this discussion and information, stay with us and follow our website. So that whenever we enter a new post, you can get information about it and you can easily read all these interesting facts.



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