Interesting Facts About Brain

Interesting Facts About Brain

We know that our body is like a special machine. The mind in the human body is an organ that helps us control our entire body. Have you ever thought that what will happen if our brain stops working? It will happen that we will remain like a non-living thing. Today we will tell you about some important daily interesting facts about brain which will make you think once. It is our mind which commands all our other organs to act for whatever action we have to perform. Then do the part work. In this way the mind can in a way be called the control system for the human body.

      Interesting Facts About Brain

Some Interesting Facts About Brain. Which Are As Follows: 

1. Do you know that inside our body there is a capacity of about 12 to 25 watt of electricity generator. Which has the ability to light an LED bulb.

2. When a man drinks one glass of water at a time, his brain starts working 14 percent more. Because our brain runs on water more than about Sh 75%.

3. Do you know which is the most fat part in our body. Most of our bodies are still inside our brain. And it is about 7 percent. Therefore, the brain is called a fat fat garden. Therefore, the brain has more fat in our body.

4. Our brain is much smaller than the body. It is only 2 percent of our body. But it has the ability to use 20 percent oxygen and blood alone for the whole body. Does this addition also know that if there is a slight lack of oxygen in the body in just 5 to 10 minutes. So our brain can be damaged. He too can go into a coma forever.

5. When we see the face of any human being, how do we always remember that person’s face. So let us tell you that when you are looking at someone’s face, at that time only the right part of our brain is working. Whose job is to identify and always remember about anything.

6. Do you also know when a living brain can do it with the help of a knife. Because our brain is very soft. Which makes it very easy to cut. Also when we listen to music, celebration is our brain at that time. Releasing a chemical called dopamine. Which makes our brain feel very positive. And that’s why when we listen to music for a long time. So we start feeling quite good. This is all caused by a chemical called dopamine.

7. You must have noticed that when a small child goes to sleep, he gets very much sleep. Because his brain is using 50 percent Gul made by his body. Because of this they get more sleep.

8. Every moment, every person keeps thinking something, that is, every minute something goes on in his brain. Do you know the speed of all these information? How much speed does an information move in the human mind? So let us tell you that in our mind all the information of our thinking speed up. The speed of all notifications is about 268 miles per hour.

9. Do you know that in one second, more than one lakh chemical reactions take place in the brain of a human being. And according to them, our brain keeps doing automatic actions.

10. When a person is fed a sleeping pill. So really he is not able to sleep. This is not because a person eats a sleeping pill. But after eating the pill, he goes into a coma state. Which makes the person think that they are sleeping.

Interesting Facts About Brain

11. Our brain is not used at all when we watch TV. This is the reason that children watch TV for a long time in their  childhood. Despite that, they never get tired of watching TV. For this reason, his brain is not able to develop. And that child’s mind always becomes more interesting in reading and narrating the story.

12. It would be surprising to know that the research of a scientist showed that if we do not eat food for a few days. So our brain starts eating itself. And his ability to think slowly starts to decrease.

13. When we sleep less, it causes a very bad effect on our brain. Because sleeping less reduces the response of our brain. Due to which, it takes too much time for our brain to do any activity.

14. When you are told about any new information, your brain changes into a series. Which increases your ability to receive that information.

15. Have you ever noticed that your brain cannot feel pain at all. Because there are no strings in our brain. Which can make us feel the pain of our brain.

16. Do you know when we have lunch compared to the whole day. So after that the memory of our brain starts to weaken. Whereas in the morning our brain memory is very fast. That is when the children are told to do the work of reading in the morning. Because in the morning our brain is most active.

17. When a person dies, his brain remains alive for 7 minutes after he dies. And all the alive moments of his life, like a dream, sees all the things in only 7 minutes.

18. Children who learn to speak before they turn 5 years old. Or learn two languages. So their brain’s thinking ability is slightly different from normal people.

19. When we laugh, at that time, 5 parts of our brain start functioning simultaneously in our body. That is why it is very good to keep on laughing.

20. Do you know that our brain weighs about 1500 grams. Which are a strange fact.

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