Miyakejima – Mysteries Gas Mask Island

Miyakejima Island

Mysteries world of Miyakejima Gas Mask Island

There is such a place on our earth where a person will have to face many problems to stay alive. Today we are going to tell you about this wonderful world through this wonderful post. Read this post about the Miyakejima Izu Island of Japan till the end.

Amazing Japan’s Miyakejima Island

Today we are going to tell you about an island in which it is very difficult for humans to stay alive. They have to face many circumstances to stay alive. There is such a place on this island that it becomes very difficult to live on. We are talking about Miyakejima Izu Island, about 180 kilometers from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. On this island, individuals have to wear masks throughout the day. Because there is a lot of poisonous gas here. Which is very harmful for human body. The poisonous gas originates from a volcano called Mount Dimension. Due to which the winds of this island turn into polluted winds due to poisonous gases.

Japan’s Miyakejima Izu Island is divided into many small islands. Only 7 of these people can live on the island. Seven Island is also known as Izu Seven. All these islands are very close to an active volcano. Due to which there is a spread of very harmful gases in the atmosphere here. Miyakejima is an active volcano on Izu Island. Whose name is Mount Oyama. All of which are more active than volcanoes. There is always the risk of death of human beings by staying near to him. Due to more volcanoes and active volcanoes, all the people living here have to wear 24 hours of mass. Because the poisonous gases here are so terrible that they can kill a human being in a moment.

Miyakejima Island

Why is Miyake – Jima Izu Island so dangerous

The biggest reason for Miyakejima Izu Island to be very dangerous is that there are many active volcanoes there. Whose bursts cause very big explosions and lava starts coming out. Due to which poisonous gases are spread in the atmosphere there. Which are very harmful. Let me tell you that these volcanoes have been erupting repeatedly for the last several decades. In 2000, there was a terrible explosion in Mount Oyama. After that, volcanic gases along with huge amounts of lava started coming out of that volcano. Of all these gases, the highest amount of sulfur dioxide gas was released which spread to the island’s atmosphere. Due to which the environment there was so much polluted that living there was not empty of danger. After the volcanic eruption, the Japanese government began evacuating Miyakejima Izu Island. It was strictly refused to come there. Because the lava emanating from the volcano there was quite harmful.

After this, again in 2005, the Government of Japan allowed people to live on this island. The Japanese government ordered that 24-hour masks would remain. After this, the atmosphere here slowly started to recover. Later, the Government of Japan also started air service for tourists on this island. Due to the volcanic eruption of the volcano, there has been some reduction in toxic gases in the environment. Today, many tourists from abroad come to visit Miyakejima Izu Island. This island is now famous as a “Gas Mask Tourist”.

Regarding Miyakejima Izu Island, we have told you that despite having a lot of poisonous gases there, people live and live there. Also, they have to apply mask for 24 hours. Which is very difficult, but to save lives, those people have to put on masks. Stay tuned with us for more information related to such interesting facts in this post today.

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