This Strange Plant That Looks Like Human Organs

This Strange Plant That Looks Like Human Organs

The world is as Strange as it is full of variations. Millions of animals and birds and trees make our earth prosperous. Each has its own distinct feature. Some trees or plants are so special that seeing them, we just want to salute the nature. Today, we will tell about some special strange plants found in nature that resemble human organs. Which look like human body and their parts. Just as there are different species of human tribes, in the same way there are many species of tree plants. And some of them are like this. Which look like human organs. You will know about this after reading this post.

Actaea Pachypoda - readroj

Doll’s Eye – Actaea Pachypoda Plant

The scientific name of this plant is Actaea pachypoda plant. The fruit found on this strange plant looks exactly like a doll’s eye. Also called ‘Dolls Eyes’. Because the fruit that appears on it looks like a doll’s eye. This plant is found in eastern North America. This plant grows to a maximum of 50 centimeters during its lifespan. This plant is found on the smooth soil of America. The fruits obtained from this plant are very life-threatening for humans. Because it contains very toxic substances. Which can lead to the death of a human being. It has a very bad effect on the nerves associated with human hearts. Which can cause a heart attack to anyone. Which can directly lead you to death.

Rhodotus - readroj

Rhodotus plant that looks like human brain and kidneys

It is a species of mushroom. Which is known as Winkle Preet Mushroom & Rhodotus . It looks like some humans and their kidneys. Its surface looks like human body veins to a large extent because its surface is made up of viscous material. It has a very bitter taste that you cannot eat, which is why it cannot be eaten despite being a mushroom. This mushroom is commonly found in Britain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland and North America.

Auricularia Auricula -readroj

Wood Ear – Auricularia Auricula-Judae – Jelly Ear

It is also known as Xavier and wooden ear. It usually looks like a human ear. Particularly grown trees are on their death bed. It becomes fungus on them. In the 19th century it was used to treat eye infections, throat infections and coughs. All these infections can be destroyed by this, especially its effect is seen in soup. It is used in Chinese food. It is also used to make medicines in China.

Tropical Pitcher Plants

Tropical Pitcher Plants – Nepenthes Pitcher Plant

The scientific name of the Tropical Teacher plant is Nepenthes pitcher plant. It is a carnivorous plant that looks like a private part of the human male. The top of which is open like the upper part of the pitcher. In which many small corals of the world come and fall. Those who never get out of it. Because of the sticky material inside the pitcher-looking strange plant, the seedlings try to come from outside. Then slip back and fall inside. Due to this, they die inside the plant itself. In this way, this plant digests them along with being non-vegetarian. Then inside it, the digestion process of small pacers starts.

Loofah - Vietnam Milk Melon

Loofah – Vietnam Milk Melon

It is a type of plant found in Vietnam, the fruit of which looks like the breast of women. This fruit is very sweet and tasty in food. This strange plant will make you think whether it can be any such fruit or it is part of women.

Dracula Simia - Monkey Orchid

Dracula Simia – Monkey Orchid

This flower that looks like a monkey is very strange in appearance. This flower looks like it is the face of a monkey. You will be surprised to know that this flower is found in the forest of South Peru at an altitude of about 3000 feet. Though they are native to Central America and Peru, The Dracula Simia is just one of 118 species in the Dracula genus of monkey orchids. And the most special thing is that it blooms throughout the year. And it smells like ripe oranges. The monkey’s face is visible to us in this flower. He gets to see himself in the middle of the leaves of the flower. Because their husbands are made in such a way that from where it comes out, there becomes a monkey’s face-like shape.

Orchis Italica - Naked Man Orchid

Orchis Italica – Naked Man Orchid

This plant looks like a common plant. But the flowers planted in this plant look like a small human being. The structure of this plant is such that a small child is visible. Since this strange plant is like the human body, this plant is also known as the naked man orchid. Where this plant will be easily seen in Italy, Spain, Germany, and South Africa. But this plant grows up to a height of 4 feet in any garden. People who like to go to all over the world to see it.

Psychotria Elata Plant - Palicourea Elata

Psychotria Elata Plant – Palicourea Elata

Psychotria elata plant that looks like a woman’s lips. This tree is found in the forests of Central and South America. These flowers, which are applied on this tree, look like the lips of a woman applying lipstick. Its smell and its shape attracts butterflies and humming birds. Those who remain sitting on these trees. It is also known as Hooker Lips & Palicourea Elata. To express love, lovers in Central America give these flowers to each other. This strange plant is also used for skin rashes and cough. Many times this plant has also been used to overcome breathing difficulties.

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