Death Valley National Park of Mystery Story

Mystery Of Death Valley

Shocking mystery of death valley – Stones Moving In A Valley Full Of Mysteries. Death Valley is nothing short of an enigma for us even today.

Today we are going to tell you about a valley where there are traces of slipping in front of the stones. Also, it is called in the valley of death, because many people die suddenly here. To know this secret, keep reading this post till the end.

Where is the mystery of Death Valley located?

There are many mysteries and puzzles on earth today. Which scientists have not been able to solve till date. Today we are going to talk about a valley in which shocking things came to us. Our earth is full of mystery, but today we will talk about the valley of death and learn about its mystery. Death Valley means Death Valley. The US has a desert in eastern California. Which extends south-east of California to the border of Nevada. Which is named “Death Valley National Park”. Its total length is 225 kilometers and the width varies at different places. It has a width of between 8 and 24 kilometers. If we talk about its discharge from the beach, then it is 86 km below the sea coast.

Shocking mystery of death valley

Death Valley is a very hot and dry place. Where the temperature here was the highest in the world. Apart from this, two rivers flow through this valley. Furnace Creek and Amargosa River. But both these rivers finally disappear inside the sand. There is a chatter of different colors inside this valley. Also, there are many mounds of salt, which without water is very difficult. If we look at the location of this valley geographically, then this place is completely different from all other places of the earth.

Mystery Of Death Valley

This car is surrounded by mountains and mountains. But most of the part is desert and flat. Because of which the direct rays of the sun reach this place. Due to which the land here is very hot and the temperature here is also the highest. The winds here are very hot due to the heat. It is believed that 10000 to 12000 years ago this Death Valley Glacier used to be a huge lake named Manly. Which now became a valley.

Do any humans live in Death Valley?

Let us tell you that there is a tribe living in this region with the hottest summer. Which is named Timbisha tribe. Who has been living here for 1000 years. The people of the Timbisha tribe call Death Valley as Tumpasia. This valley was placed in 1849 during the Death Valley California Gold Juice. There was a big reason behind the name of this vehicle, Death Valley. Let me tell you that many elements were found in this valley. While bringing these elements, they had to cross the valley. Only then did they reach the gold mines. But one person was killed while crossing this valley. After which this valley was named Death Valley. The soil here is made up of different elements. Borax, salt, gold, silver are found here in plenty.

Why the death valley stones

Let me tell you that in 1935 this valley was declared a federal security zone. It was then renamed as Death Valley National Park in 1994. It was also expanded simultaneously. In Death Valley National Park, on one side there is an area called Racetrack Playa ​in the Valley of Death on the other side. There used to be a lake in this area. Due to which the entire area here is flat. On this flat area, there used to be traces of slipping of stones automatically. It is said that in this desert, stones move without any help on their own. At the same time, the marks of his move are also visible.

When the scientists were asked the secret of the movement of this stones, they said that the stones here have been fitted with a gypsy tracker. Who can monitor the movement of these stones. This mystery of moving stones was first revealed in 1948. These moving stones were named ‛Sliding Stones’. After this, a team of scientists studied these moving papers continuously for 7 years. After that they came to know that a stone of about 317 grams ran for one kilometer. However, there is no opinion of the scientists related to the running of these letters. Scientists are yet to know the real reason for the movement of these stones. Due to which stones

Mystery Of Death Valley

Death Valley has just been opened to tourists. Because there are so many beautiful places to see there. Here you can see the miracles of nature at every step. Scientists keep getting some shocking secrets about this valley. The real reason for which is very difficult to know. Death Valley has been inhabited by humans as well as some animal species for nearly 1000 years. In Death Valley National Park, you will get to see something that the whole world cannot see.

The secret of moving stones remains even today. You get so much in this post, stay with another interesting fact till then. Stay with us and know more about interesting facts and about secrets.

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