Roopkund – Lake Of Skeletons

Roopkund - Lake Of Skeletons

Human skeletons floating in mysterious Roopkund “Lake Of Skeletons”

In this post today, we are going to talk about a mysterious lake ‘Lake Of Skeletons‘ . In which the skeletons of humans and their bones will be seen floating on you. This mysterious lake is situated in the city of Roopkund which is situated in the lap of the Himalayas. Which is also a very beautiful tourist place.

Let us tell you that in the way there are variations of culture in our country, in the same way many things are connected with superstitions and mysteries. This mysterious and interesting place is located in Roopkund city of Uttarakhand in our country. It is a snow lake, it got its name because the lake remains frozen like snow. This is why this lake was named Snow Lake. It is a picturesque and tourist destination situated in the lap of the Himalayas. Which is very beautiful in appearance. It is situated near the banks of Trishul and Nandghungti, two peaks of the Himalayas. Its height is about 5029 meters above sea level, ie, at an altitude of 16499 feet.

People come from different states of India as tourists to see this lake. And also people from abroad also come to Roopkund city of Uttarakhand to know about this mysterious lake and see it. Where a beautiful lake is so viewable that it will look like a mysterious lake.


When asked the regional people about the secret of this lake. So he said that the king Jasdhava and his associates went to pay homage to Nanda Devi. Then when the music started playing while doing his consecration. And started dancing, then all the gods became angry with him. After this, he died due to landslides.

A religious festival is also held in Roopkund. Which is organized by the regional people there in the fall time. It involves all the regional people there and the event is held once every 12 years. The celebration of this Rajghat of Nanda Devi is considered on a very large scale. It is said to be held there when this festival is held. Then a huge crowd reaches there, to visit Nanda Devi and celebrate the festival there by attending this event.

There is another superstition there. People there believe that when any person drinks the icy water of Roopkund lake. So he starts seeing the remnants of all the skeletons present in him. Which cannot be seen by a normal person. They believe that in this icy water, something which has got strength from Nanda Devi. And after drinking it, looking at this lake, skeletons are seen there. There are many studies done on the skeletons found here. Scientists have done a lot of research on all the skeletons found here. According to them, they said that the skeletons that were visible were not due to any mysterious event but due to landslides and icy storms. There people were buried in the icy storm and they died thereafter. After this, when this metamorphosis took place in the lake, the skull started to appear there. Researchers also believe that all those who remained skeletons were traveling to Tibet and were buried in the lake due to the icy storm on the way. Actually they were going to do their business in Tibet. Because it used to be the main center of trade in Tibet itself.

Lake Of Skeletons

Once again, scientists tried to know about this lake of Roopkund. So they came to know that the skeletons built here are between 12th century to 15th century. Those people who lived here at that time. All of them used to go to Tibet to do business and on the way to the snow, they froze in the snow. Due to which he died and now a waterfall has been formed here. After which the remains of the skeleton are found for us to see when the water melts. Friends, we hope that after reading this post, you will have come to know about the mysterious lake. That is why the remains of skeletons appear there. To know about similar new mysteries and interesting facts, follow our website. So that whenever we post a new post on our website, you will get its update.



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