What Was The War Of The Bucket?

What Was The War Of The Bucket?

You Will Be Shocked That There Was A Terrible War In Two States For Only One Bucket.

If you go back in history, there are many reasons for war.  But you will be shocked that there was a war for only one bucket.  This war took place in Italy.  Religious politics in Italy had increased dramatically during the 11th century.  The Christian Pope also considered God’s representative on earth and Roman King Frederick Barbarossa as God’s representative.  The two states in Italy were Bologna and Modena.

The people of Bologna considered the Pope to be the representative of God and the Master of Christianity. In contrast, the people of Modena considered the King of Roman Frederick, the representative of God and the Christian Master.  In 1296, a war had already taken place between Bologna and Modena.  It is said that both Modena and Bologna were often attacked and entered into each other’s kingdom and looted the goods.  The valuable things which were brought from Modena to Bologna were kept in a wooden bucket.

What Was The War Of The Bucket?

This wooden bucket was placed in the middle of Bologna’s city. One day Modena soldiers quietly attacked and took away the pail with them.  Bologna’s soldiers asked Modena’s soldiers to return the bucket, but Modena’s troops refused to return the bucket.  There was already tension between the two states; this tension turned into a war when the two states declared war on 15 November 1325.  Bologna had 32 thousand soldiers with 2,000 cavalries and the support of the Pope. In comparison, Modena had only 7000 soldiers and was supported by the Roman king.  The war between the two states started with the rising of the sun and lasted till midnight.

In this war, Modena’s soldiers won.  The state of Bologna was extensively damaged.  In this war, about 2000 soldiers from both states were killed.  Later this war is known as War of the Bucket.  Even today, the bucket is kept in a museum, due to which there was war in Modena and Bologna.  After the war ended, a peace agreement between the two states established peace.  Due to the peace agreement, the two states fought together against Spain to respond to the Spain attack in 1529.



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