Dhanushkodi – The Mysterious Story Of The Ghost Village


Dhanushkodi – A haunted village and a pilgrimage center for Hindus! No one is allowed to walk in this area after dark. How a Holy Pilgrimage Place Became a Haunted Village?

You will be surprised to know that there is also a haunted village in India, where people think 100 times before they go. Dhanushkodi is on the sand dunes at the end of India, from where Sri Lanka is clearly visible. It lies between India and Sri Lanka, which is one of the smallest places in the world at a distance of 50 yards on sand dunes in the Pakistan strait

Dhanushkodi is a sacred pilgrimage center for Hindus. Even after being surrounded by the sea, sweet water is available here. This is a natural miracle. So let us know that story of Dhanushkodi which has been lost somewhere in the pages of history.

On the night of 22 December 1964, Dhanushkodi collapsed in a fierce cyclonic wave that came at a speed of 270 km/hour. There was only one person left in this cyclone alive, its name was Kalyamna.


Now there are only heaps of ruins here. And after this cyclone, the Madras government declared it a ghost town.

For decades Dhanushkodi was a desert, no one used to come here. After a long time, now the government is again trying to link tourism and pilgrimage centers. The interest in seeing the haunted city has started increasing the number of tourists.

During the British rule, Dhanushkodi was also a big city and pilgrimage center. There were also hotels, clothing shops, and dharamshalas available for the needs of pilgrims.

Those days, there was also a railway station, hospital, post office, etc. in Dhanushkodi. When Swami Vivekananda participated in the Dharma Parliament held in the USA in 1893 and traveled to the West through the conquest of Sri Lanka, he set his foot on the Indian land of Dhanushkodi at that time.

Dhanushkodi has religious and mythological significance in Hindu scriptures. According to Hindu scriptures,  Lord Rama constructed the bridge to enter Lanka with the help of Nal and Neel, hence it is known as Rama Setu.

After returning from Lanka, Vibhishan requested Lord Rama, he broke the bridge with one end of his bow. That is why its name was Dhanushkodi.

There is a confluence of two seas here. After bathing in the holy bridge, pilgrims begin their journey to worship at Rameswaram. Rameswaram is about 15 kilometers away from there.

Staying overnight or walking there at Dhanushkodi is prohibited, as the 15-kilometer route is deserted, horrifying, scary, and mysterious. Therefore, it would be best to return to Rameswaram before sunset.

There are many temples related to Lord Rama there. Those who are more interested in mythological significance, dhanushkodi history, and nature must visit this place once, you will be amazed.



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