Why Is A Tree Imprisoned In Chains?

Why Is A Tree Imprisoned In Chains!

Have you seen any tree tied with chains? Today we are going to tell you which is the tree which is tied with chains. And what is the reason for tying it and where is the tree located. We are going to tell you all this information through this post.

How many years has this tree been kept in chains?

Today we are going to tell you such a story of a tree tied with chains that you will go to the square after listening to. This story dates back to 1898 when this tree was arrested. It was an English man who arrested the tree and the owner of this tree was Peshawar from Pakistan. Here, let us tell you that this tree was banyan. Which is wrapped in chains with chains. And an English officer ordered to tie this tree with chains. The order was given by the English officer when he was drunk. He had ordered to arrest this tree and the special thing is that till date no one could leave this tree from these chains. Even today, this tree is held by chains. Which you can see in Pakistan. Because the tree is still there.

Why Is A Tree Imprisoned In Chains!

Why clutch the tree with chains?

We tell you the story behind fastening this tree with chains. Actually, this tree is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and the British officer there was named James Squid. Who was the posted officer of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. When the British officer was walking in the park. Then they felt that this tree was running from the front. They thought this because at that time they were intoxicated. James Squid, ordering his deployed soldiers, ordered an immediate arrest of this tree and said that it was held in chains. The soldiers, following the orders of their British officer, started arresting this tree. Also this tree was tied with chains. This tree has been imprisoned in chains for 122 years and till now its chains are tied in the same way. Just as the English officer ordered them to be tied. Do not know when this tree will open this chain.

Why was this tree not given independence?

The order to tie this tree with chains was given in the British time. When India and Pakistan used to be the same country, but Pakistan now became a separate country. Despite that, he has not been able to get freedom on this tree. Pakistan could not get this banyan tree tied with chains free from chains and looking at this tree shows how terrible the British oppression used to be. Whose tree is tied with this chain is a living example. In Pakistan, this tree has not been freed from chains because there are so many tourists coming to see the tree tied with chains. Tourists are attracted to this tree. People photograph and imagine the brutality of British rule. Due to which this tree has become the center of attraction here. A board will be seen hanging by the soldiers of James Squid. On top of which you will see something written “I am under arrest”. It seems as if this tree is saying that I am arrested.

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