Hashima Island – Horror And Deserted Island

Battleship Island - Hashima Island

Horror and deserted Hashima Island “Battleship Island”

Through this post today, we will tell you about such a scary island. Which is full of many mysteries and till date the mysteries of this place have not been solved even by science. So read this post completely and know about this scary and deserted Hashima island.

The story of an island in the world which is scary and deserted

We are going to tell you about an island which has been very scary and deserted for a long time. This island has been deserted for almost 45 years. We will also try to tell the secret behind being deserted for so many years. There are many such places around the world which are very scary and mysterious. People find this place unique and unimaginable. There are many places whose history is very scary. Till date science has been unable to understand the dangerous secrets of these places and to understand them.

Battleship Island - Hashima Island

Battleship Hashima Island located in Japan

The island we are going to tell you about. island which is located on the banks of Nagasaki, a city in Japan. It is called Battleship because the shape of this island is similar to a Battleship of Hashima Island. Because of this it is also known as Battleship Island. This island has been deserted for the last 45 years. It is about 15 kilometers from the city of Nagasaki, island. Hashima Island is spread over a large area. It is built in a total area of ​​16 acres.

There used to be coal mining from 1887 to 1974. Almost all the laborers working here lived on the island. About 5000 laborers lived on the island, but after some time the mine closed. All the workers there left the island. Since then, no one has visited island and that island is completely deserted. Hashima Island was purchased by a company called Mitsubishi . This company bought the island in 1890. After purchasing, he built the first major 9-story building in Japan. Made of concrete only.

A strong wall is drawn around the island of Hashima. The entire island is surrounded by walls. Schools, hospitals and restaurants all remain inside the island. The walls here have been kept very strong. The real reason for keeping strong is that there are too many storms in Japan. Keeping the gin in mind, all the walls there have been built in a strong way. Even after the walls are strong, a strong storm causes a lot of damage to the walls. Because of which the place there looks like ruins. Hashima Island is closed for many years due to this scary place. Because of which everyone’s visit has also been stopped. The schools, hospitals, restaurants built there are all closed. Because the area there is created in such a way that it becomes a place of ghosts, it becomes so terrible. By which any human can be afraid.

Battleship Island - Hashima Island

The Government of Japan opened Hashima Island to tourists on 22 April 2009. Although very few tourists visit this Battleship island. But the Japanese government has opened it because it is considering building a tourist place on the island. So that the tourists will start coming there.

Hashima Island is very scary due to the storms falling off its walls and the ghostly appearance of its buildings. Because of which a very small number of tourists visit there. In today’s post, we have told you about island. Which is very scary and deserted for a long time. If you want to know more about this and other interesting facts, then visit our website.



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