Strange People In The World – Who Made Themselves Animals


Strange People In The World – Humans go through anything to look different from others. Some humans turned themselves into animals in order to fulfill their strange and bizarre hobbies.

Man is the greatest example of a natural creation, which has got a very beautiful form. But still many people make their beautiful body so strangely poor. As if it is an animal. To fulfill this hobby, they manipulate their natural creations and create animal-like appearance. Nature has made humans very intelligent and beautiful. But preserve this creation of nature and not tamper it. Today we will talk about some humans who have crossed all limits to play with their natural anatomy in the course of making the world record. Who start showing themselves absolutely poor.

Dennis Avner - Stocking Cat

Dennis Avner – Stocking Cat

Denise Avner who was born in American in 1958 in an Indian family. It is said that when they were young children, they were very fond of cats. A man from his own tribe saw Dennis Avner playing with cats and having fun. So he gave Dennis Avner the nickname ‛Stocking Cat ‘. And after that, Dennis Avner grew up and started working in the US Navy. He got that job as a sonar technician. When he did not see any interest in that job. So he left this job in 1981 and after that he started moving as a computer programmer and technician.

Denise Avner is just like a normal person. But he underwent plastic surgery to become like a cat and got his name entered in the world record of peculiar and bizarre hobbies. Denise Avner was fond of looking like a cat. And as the cat eats meat, so too he started eating meat. He got the first tattoo done on his face in 1985. After that, he started getting new tattoos done on his face and he underwent 14 different surgeries on his own face. After which he became famous in the world and his name was recorded in the list of World Record Book Guinness Book of World Records. Dennis Avner grew in popularity and began appearing everywhere from television to newspapers and the press.

He got 33 operations done to look like a cat. No one can think that a person should do so many operations to fulfill his hobby. At the age of 54, he suffered a mental problem after such an operation. The mental problems were so much that he committed suicide on 5 November 2012. After this, on 13 November 2012, his death was revealed everywhere. But he knows why he committed suicide, has not been able to walk yet. Even today, Denis Avner is famous in the world as The Life of a Great Man.

Eric Sprague - The Lizard Man

Eric Sprague – ‘The Lizard Man’

After Denise Avner we talk. You know about a man who looks like a lizard, that any person can get scared when suddenly seeing a lizard. As if the experience itself became a lizard. Eric Sprague, a resident of Texas, got his entire body made of lizard-shaped surgery. Eric Sprague got his body tattooed not only on his body but in addition. Along with this, he got pointed teeth and got a cut tongue that looked like a lizard. His tongue is still clenched. He was born on 12 June 1972 in Texas. People who are scared to see the common lizard. He completed the entire lizard on his body.

This living Eric Sprague underwent surgery to change his entire body just like a lizard’s body. After this, he got everything done on his body just like a lizard. Whether it was cut or she has fake teeth. Because he loved lizards very much. Due to which he cut his victory and got it divided into two parts. He got his body color green. His name was also made a pain in the world famous book by all his poor hobbies of Eric Sprague. Mysore Eric Spray named The Lizardman.

Rodrigo Braga - Dogman

Rodrigo Braga – ‘Dogman’

In today’s time, everyone wants to look different from each other. And they go through anything to look different. Today we will talk about a strange poor man with a bizarre hobby. Which has made us face like a dog to surprise us with his face. Which looks exactly the same as a dog. We are talking about Rodrigo Braga who lives in Brazil. Consider Rodrigo Braga was riding madness. Then he got a dog-like hobby, he made a dead dog’s plastic surgery to make him face the dog’s front face to make this moment. Due to which, even today, he is known as Dogman.

Rodrigo Braga is an artist in the profession and loves dogs the most. He always wanted his face to look like a dog. So, taking permission from his local authority, he killed a sick dog and got the dog’s face impregnated on his face. After this, he too started to look like a dog. With which his picture went viral all over the world and with this he became famous worldwide as Dog man.

Rick Genest - Zombie Boy

Rick Genest – Zombie Boy

Now we are going to tell you about such a person. Who has got his face made like a zombie. You must have seen the films of Jambi. In the same way, he has also got the face made. To make it look different and to work in films, he started getting amazing tattoos on his face. So that it starts to look different and different like zombies all over the world. He was born on 7 August 1985 in Chattog Canada. Later, she worked in a lot of modeling and more than that. He later committed suicide on 1 August 2018. Who was 33 at the time.

Rick Genest was a very famous modern man. Whoever was also known as zombie boy. He had tattoos on 80% of his full body and got his face done like a zombie. Because of which he was all called zombie boy. He called 12 tattoo artists to grow his body from tattoos. Got him tattooed on his entire body and his head. It was very scary and bizarre. But even then, Rick genest got it all to see the strange poor and to make his name popular in the world book in the world. After which he became popular all over the world.

Let me tell you that Blank started sharing all his posts on social media after 2005. He and after that he had great success. Which he did not wish for at all. More than 3 million subscribers were added to whatever zombie page. His childhood appearance as a zombie was a dream. Because he used to watch horror movies since childhood. When I saw a movie for the first time, it was very scary. Later, he thought that he too had to watch this movie. And the name of that movie was ‘Night of the Living Dead’. Which was a very scary film and they kept this film in mind. Just like anyone had thought to make a face.

Elaine Davidson – ‘Pierced Woman’

Elaine Davidson – ‘Pierced Woman’

Right now we are going to tell you about such a woman. You will get scared after seeing Jin. People in the world have strange hobbies. Which will surprise you. Actually today we are going to tell you about piercing, which often boys and girls get this style done for fashion only. If we believe that we sleep. So how much it hurts when this woman does not have any pain at all.

Elaine Davidson had a very different hobby. The total piercing on their body so far is 6,725. Which is not the case, we are from Brazil. And due to his high piercing, he was named in the Guinness Book of World Records and since that day he is known as Pierced Woman all over the world which has become very famous.

Maria Jose Cristerna - Mexican Vampire Woman

Maria Jose Cristerna – Mexican Vampire Woman – ‘Vampire Woman’

Everyone around the world wants to do something strange. We are going to talk now. About Maria Jose Cristerna, a Mexican woman who got a surgery on her head. This woman Jose cristerna is a tattoo artist herself and had a dream since childhood. That he would be intimidating as Vampire Woman. Maria Jose wanted her to turn herself into the strangest and a real vampire. And to get vampires, he got horn through surgery on his head. Like vampires are donated to people. By the way, they too have got fake teeth in their mouths. And together, Maria got different types of tattoos all over her body. He got about 49 changes done from top to bottom on his body. So that it looks like a real vampire. And apart from this, he has covered his entire body with tattoos, piercings and implants. If Maria sees children, she can be afraid of children as well as grown ups. Because Maria had made herself like a vampire by surgery. Maria Jose cristerna is today known as the ‘Mexican Vampire Woman‘ throughout the world.

Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich

People have different passions to fulfill their hobbies. And he can go to any extent to fulfill his passion and hobbies. Many people in the world are fond of tattoos. Some people get tattooed and even lose their lives. And just like that today we will talk about such a person who lives in New Zealand. And his name is Lucky Diamond Rich has got tattooed on his entire body ie 100% part. His entire body is covered with tattoos. It took him more than 1000 hours to get it done and he and he started getting tattooed at the age of 16. And after reaching the age of 28, it took 12 years for the entire tattoo to be tattooed on his entire body. Which was very shocking.

We would be surprised to know that he got tattoos done on his eyelid and his ears as well. When asked why you have tattooed all over the body. So he had only one answer, that I love tattoo very much and tattoo is his life. And within 10 years he became the first person to have the most tattoos. He even got tattoos done from his work to the interiors. Hence his name also joined the Guinness Book of World Records.

Leopard Man of Skye

Tom Leppard The “Leopard Man of Skye”

Now we will talk about a man who had leopard and leopard shaped tattoos all over his body. He is known all over the world as the Leopard Man of Sky. Tom Leppard has cheetahs and 10K tattoos on 100% of his body. Who was born on 14 October 1935 in Woodbridge, UK. Later, he started the journey to get his tattoos made. He became famous and died by the time he was 80 years old. Before Lucky Diamond Rich, his name was the record for the highest number of tattoos done on the body. He then spent £ 5,500 in total tattooing on his body. They are today known worldwide as the Leopard man of the sky or the leopard man due to leopard and leopard-like tattoos.

The Great Omi or The Zebra Man

Horace Ridler – The Great Omi or The Zebra Man.

Now we are going to talk about a zebra man who got zebra-like tattoos all over his body for a bizarre look. The tattoo hobbyist is a resident of London. His name was Performer. Which was a style that performed. He had tattoos on his entire body that looked like zebra. In which, black and white white husbands were tattooed like zebras on the body. Horace Riddler changed his name to “The Great Omi or The Zebra Man“. He died thereafter at the age of 83. He died in 1965 and the special thing in it is that Horace Riddler had also fought in the First World War.

Friends, today we have told you about some strange looking poor human beings having very bizarre hobbies. What you probably wouldn’t have known before. From all these information we have told you, you have got some new information. Follow this to read our interesting posts and you can read all our upcoming posts.