Is Ashwathama Still Alive And Wandering

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Shocking secrets of Ashwathama! He has been wandering since the Mahabharata. Is Ashwathama still alive today?

Ashwathama was also one of the warriors surviving after the Mahabharata war. During the Mahabharata, Ashwathama was one of the strongest warriors whom no one could defeat.

Because he was Ajay-immortal. His mother’s name was Kripi and his father was Dronacharya. Since birth, there was a gem in his head and due to the gem, he was not affected by any monster, demon, weapon, disease, deity, serpent, etc.

According to folklore, when Ashwatthama was born, he had uttered a word similar to Ashwa at the time of birth, and then there was a voice in the sky that this boy would be famous by the name of Ashwatthama.

From the Mahabharata, you must have read and heard the story of the valor of Ashwatthama, yet I will tell in brief. In the Mahabharata war, Ashwatthama fought with his father dronacharya along with the kaurava and also became the general of the kaurava. Both father and son were great warriors. Ashwatthama had proved Dronacharya with archery as well as in all the divya.

Even knew Narayanastra, Narayanastra had knowledge about Ashwatthama apart from Dronacharya.

When the Pandavas could not win Dronacharya in the war, at that time Shri Krishna killed Dronacharya with deceit by resorting to diplomacy. After his father’s death, Ashwatthama vowed to kill the pandava dynasty.

After the war, the five sons of draupadi were killed and Abhimanyu’s son parikshit who was in Uttara’s womb used Brahmastra to kill him but Lord Shri Krishna had protected the child born in Uttara’s womb. Shri Krishna took out the gem on Ashwatthama’s head and cursed him to wander for ages. It is said that Ashwatthama has been wandering till today.

According to Shiva Mahapuran and Bhavishya Purana, he is still alive. According to the Bhavishya Purana, when Lord Vishnu is born in Kalki avatar, he will fight a religious war with Ashwatthama. According to Shiva Mahapuran (Shata Rudra Samhita-37) is also alive and living in some unknown place on the banks of the Ganges.

According to Aryabhata, there was a war of Mahabharata in 3137 BCE. Chaturvedi Sri Krishna was born 3114 Vikram Samvat. Ashwatthama has been wandering for the last nearly 5000 years, but Ashwatthama was freed from the curse 2000 years ago and now he is less likely to be alive.

It is also said that Ashwatthama can live as long as he wants with his willpower. Ashwatthama is also one of the eight Ajay-Amar names in Hinduism.

It is said that once prithviraj Chauhan went to the forest, he found an old monk. The sage had a wound on his forehead and the sage was suffering a lot due to that wound. prithviraj told the monk that I will heal your wounds, I know about Ayurveda. Prithviraj wanted to heal the wound with Ayurveda medicines but the wound did not heal. Prithviraj went on thinking that due to the medicines, the deepest wound heals. Why is the drug not being affected by this wound?

Then one day Prithviraj asked the monk who are you and how did this happen, are you Ashwatthama? The monk said yes I am Ashwatthama. It is said that Ashwatthama had told Prithviraj the method of operating the elbow arrow.

According to the people of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh, Ashwatthama worships first in the Shiv temple present in the fort of Asirgarh. Flowers and gulal are to be offered daily on the Shivling of the temple. Lord Bholenath resides in the hills of Vindhyanchal, and it is believed that here he still performs austerities.

Gaurighat is on the banks of the Narmada River in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. According to local residents, Ashwatthama resides here and asks for oil and turmeric from the local people to stop the blood from their forehead wounds.

According to the local elders, once he sees him, he loses his mental balance. There are many such folk tales about Ashwatthama. Even today it is a secret that where did Ashwatthama go and is he alive? There is no evidence of ashwatthama death in any scripture or in any period.



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