Morsi Tribe Is The Most Dangerous Clan In The World

mursi tribe

Today we are going to talk about some such dangerous tribes and sometimes people. In which the tribes there keep modern weapons for their protection. They also drink blood to keep their health good. The tribe we will tell you today is the most dangerous tribe in the world, Those who do not leave even humans.

mursi tribe

Different types of Mursi people live on this earth. Those who believe in different religions and different Gods. But all live together. There are some mysterious communities which are totally beyond this world of ours. Those who live in a very different way. And those people live in a clan only. At the same time, they have food and drinks. Today we will tell you about the Mursi tribe which is very dangerous even in this science period. And use the rights of this science.

Today we are going to talk about the people of Mursi tribe who keep AK-47 modern weapons for their protection. And to make their body strong, they drink even blood. Because of which this tribe is included in the world’s most dangerous tribe or clan.

mursi tribe

The name of this tribe is the Mursi tribe. The tribe lives in Ethiopia, East Africa. The Mursi tribe in Ethiopia numbers around 10 thousand.

The people of the Mursi tribe follow the customs of ancient times even at this time. In earlier times, before going to war, an animal was killed. Similarly, Mursi people here drink cow’s blood before going on a hunt. So that they get more power and reach the top position in their clan. People of the Mursi tribe believe that it is better to kill someone else than to kill them. That’s why people of the tribe kill normal people.

In this science era, the people of Mursi tribe are living according to their old traditions. In the tribes there, men fight with each other to marry beautiful girls. And the man who wins this battle marries the girl. It is believed that this fight would go on till one of them dies.

mursi tribe

The tribe lives in southern Ethiopia and near the Sudan border, near the Oman Valley. The people of the Mursi tribe still keep the weapons of the modern era, keeping the ancient tradition. In particular, he likes the weapon like the AK-47 the most. They like this weapon so much that they deal with these weapons even to the wild animals. The area of the Mursi tribe lives there. And if a person goes there, it is a call to his death. These people give 8 to 10 cows and about 30 to 40 cows to buy the old model of AK-47, take AK-7 in return. The ak-47 is supplied by people from countries like Sudan and Somalia.

The Mursi people here are very popular with their old and strange poor traditions. These people make their bodies this way. Whose seeing, the spirit of a normal human will start to tremble and the women here put a circle of wood or mud on their bottom lip. So that women can protect themselves from race and sale from smugglers and tourists. Girls here, when they turn 15, wear a wheel of wood or mud to avoid bad eyesight. So that she does not look beautiful in appearance. In addition, leaf plates are worn. Which cannot attract the tourist. There are a few other tribes besides the Mursi tribe. There are two major tribes also called Chai and Tirma. You will find similar traditions inside them.

mursi tribe

They make rounds of wood or mud in their groups. So that their beauty diminishes. After having girls of 15 to 16 years there, the mother of those girls meet other women and cut her lower lip. When their lips are filled with pangs. So a 12 cm circle is put on their mouth. This cycle stays on their lips throughout their life.

You must have come to know after reading this post how dangerous the Mursi people of the tribe are to me. They cut the lips of the women living there and wear them on the mud circle. Reduces their attraction. He does not leave any humans passing by alive. A part from this, modern weapons are bought by selling cows.

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